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Pipe Relining Increase Property ?
Does Pipe Relining Increase Property Value?

Pipe relining fixes damaged pipes without digging or replacement. It prevents leaks, damage, and improves drainage. This increases property value and saleability for under $2000.

Factors Impact Hot Water Efficiency
How Different Factors Impact Hot Water Efficiency

The efficiency of your hot water system can be impacted by various environmental factors. Proper insulation, temperate climates, and appropriately sized systems lead to enhanced efficiency, lower energy bills, and reduced emissions. Compare different hot water systems and learn tips to maximise efficiency.

Pipe Relining Stops Sewer Smells
Pipe Relining Stops Sewer Smells

Pipe relining is the most effective way to permanently solve bad sewer smells without the need to dig trenches or damage your property. Our trenchless pipe repair specialists use specially designed pipes to reline your old, damaged pipes. This stops cracks and leaks that let sewage smells flood your home.

Clean Gas Stove Quickly & Easily
How To Clean A Gas Stove Quickly & Easily

Cleaning a gas stove can seem difficult, but it’s easy using common household items like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. Spray vinegar over the burners, sprinkle with baking soda and scrub. For tough stains, make a paste. Rinse and dry well. Safe, fast and effective.

Choose Gas Supplier NSW
How to Choose a Gas Supplier in NSW

Deciding on the right gas supplier for your home or business in NSW can save you money. Compare plans across providers like AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia while checking fixed pricing, discounts, contract terms and customer service ratings first.

Determining Pipe Relining Material Quality
Determining Pipe Relining Material Quality

The quality of materials used by your pipe relining company determines durability and lifespan. We use superior epoxy resin for strong, long-lasting pipe repairs with 50+ year lifespans, improving flow and extending pipe life. Learn about our reliable pipe relining service.

Select Correct Hot Water System Size
How To Select The Correct Hot Water System Size

Choosing the right size hot water system involves considering your household size, number of bathrooms, typical hot water usage and available space. Our guide covers key factors to determine proper water heater capacity for your needs.

Tenant rights pipe relining
Tenant rights for pipe relining

Tenants have rights under tenancy laws that require landlords to provide and maintain safe, functioning plumbing. This includes addressing issues like leaks or blockages, which may require pipe relining. Learn what your rights are if your landlord needs to do pipe relining.

recognise signs blocked drain
How to recognise the signs of a blocked drain

Noticing slow drainage, gurgling noises, sewage smells or water backing up? These are common signs your drain is blocked and needs cleaning as soon as possible to prevent expensive plumbing issues.

Turn Gas Supply
How To Turn Off The Gas Supply

If you ever smell gas or suspect a gas leak, it’s crucial you know how to safely turn off the gas supply. We explain the simple process step-by-step so you can turn off the gas at the meter before calling a professional Leichhardt plumber.

Essential Plumbing Health Tips
Essential Plumbing Health Tips

Implementing essential preventative plumbing measures can save homeowners money and hassle. Tips like clearing drains, checking for leaks, maintaining water pressure and getting professional inspections help keep plumbing systems healthy.

High Gas Bill
What To Do About A High Gas Bill

If your monthly gas bill rises suddenly for no clear reason, the cause could be a leak or faulty appliance. Contact your provider to review your bill and check for issues. Monitor your usage daily to understand habits. Upgrade inefficient appliances to save money.

Manage Hot Water Thermostat Efficiency
Manage Your Hot Water Thermostat Efficiency

Adjusting your hot water system’s thermostat is one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage. We explain how to optimize your hot water heater’s temperature and maintenance for maximum savings.

Impact Foreign Objects Blocked Drains
Impact of Foreign Objects on Blocked Drains

Foreign objects like wipes, hair and debris often get washed into drains, causing blockages. This leads to foul odors, flooding, pipe damage and corrosion. Call Leichhardt Plumbing to prevent blocked drains by installing drain covers and regularly maintaining your drains.

Plumbers Fix Water Quality Problems?
Can Plumbers Fix Water Quality Problems?

Internal plumbing issues like pipe corrosion or water discoloration indicate problems with your water quality that licensed plumbers can diagnose and resolve. Regular water testing allows potential contamination to be identified early and mitigated to protect your health.

Install Hot Water System ?
Should You Install a Hot Water System Yourself?

Attempting DIY hot water system installation can be dangerous and inefficient. For your safety and peace of mind, have an experienced plumber handle the job instead.

Rusty Pipes Contribute Blocked Drains
How Rusty Pipes Contribute to Blocked Drains

Rusty and corroded pipes will eventually crack over time, allowing sediment and debris to build up inside, leading to blocked drains. Call Leichhardt Plumbing to prevent pipe damage.

Move Gas Meter?
How Do I Move a Gas Meter?

If your gas meter needs relocating due to renovations or other reasons, get in touch. As licensed professionals, Leichhardt Plumbing can safely move your gas meter to a more convenient location.

regular drain maintenance crucial?
Why is regular drain maintenance crucial?

Regular professional drain cleaning removes debris, prevents clogs & backups, eliminates foul odors & bacteria growth. Call Leichhardt Plumbing today at (PHONE) for affordable drain maintenance service.

DIY Tips Stop Future Blocked Drains
DIY Tips to Stop Future Blocked Drains

Prevent blocked drains by regularly using DIY maintenance techniques. Install drain screens, avoid pouring grease, and use boiling water to clear debris. For stubborn clogs, call Leichhardt Plumbing to professionally unclog blocked drains.

Top Ways Deal Sewer Problems
Top Ways to Deal With Sewer Problems

Sewer issues like backups, overflows and clogs can cause property damage and health hazards. Prevent problems by avoiding grease and wipes, maintaining pipes, pumping tanks, using water efficiently and more. If issues arise, call a professional plumber immediately for safe and proper repairs.

Pipe Relining Repair Swimming Pool Pipes?
Can Pipe Relining Repair Swimming Pool Pipes?

Pipe relining is a trenchless solution to repair leaking or broken underground pipes without having to dig or damage your pool or property. Our pipe relining experts can fix damaged pipes under pools, driveways, gardens or slabs by installing a new pipe lining inside that seals cracks and leaks permanently.

Detect Gas Leak Home?
How Do I Detect a Gas Leak at Home?

If you suspect a gas leak, listen and smell for signs like a hissing noise or rotten egg odour. Evacuate and call a professional plumber right away for detection and repairs.

Plumbing Emergencies Impact Property
How Plumbing Emergencies Impact Property Value

Plumbing issues like burst pipes, blocked drains, and leaks can undermine foundations, enable mold growth, cause damage, and reduce property value if left unchecked. Calling a professional Leichhardt plumber to handle emergencies protects value.

Newest Hot Water System Technology Australia 2023
Newest Hot Water System Technology in Australia 2023

Looking for the latest, most efficient hot water system tech for your home in 2023? We break down all the newest solar, heat pump, gas, electric and smart hot water innovations so you can make the right choice. Contact us to find and install the best system for your home and budget.

Fix Water Heater Problems
How to Fix Water Heater Problems

Hot water heater not working? Common problems include leaks, no hot water, rusty water, popping noises and faulty heating elements. Try troubleshooting yourself or call a plumber. Repairs often involve checking valves, anodes, sediment buildup, thermostats, wiring and water pressure.

Hot Water Running? Follow Checklist
Hot Water Not Running? Follow This Checklist

If you have no hot water, first check fuses, thermostat, reset high-temp cutoff switch. Also maintain your water heater, check for clogs. Finally, call a plumber if needed to get your hot water running again quickly.

Consequences Neglecting Blocked Drains
Consequences of Neglecting Blocked Drains

Neglecting a blocked drain leads to unpleasant odors, flooding, property damage, health hazards, and pest infestations. Call Leichhardt Plumbing now to avoid the harmful effects of blocked drains.

7 Ways Fix Water Hammers Hot Water Systems
7 Ways to Fix Water Hammers in Hot Water Systems

Loud banging noises coming from your hot water system pipes indicate water hammers that can damage plumbing. Try DIY fixes like installing water hammer arrestors, securing loose pipes or adjusting water pressure. For a guaranteed solution, contact a licensed plumber to inspect and repair your system.

7 Simple Tips Prevent Blocked Sink Drains
7 Simple Tips to Prevent Blocked Sink Drains

Preventing blocked sink drains is easy when you follow simple tips. Use drain strainers to catch debris, avoid pouring grease down drains, and flush pipes regularly with boiling water. Contact a professional plumber if drains become blocked.

Restaurants & Cafes Unblock Drains?
How Do Restaurants & Cafes Unblock Their Drains?

Restaurants and cafes often deal with blocked drains due to build up of fats, oils and food debris. Regular maintenance and effective drain treatments prevent blockages and keep your kitchen plumbing running smoothly. Contact us today for professional drain services. - 200 chars

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