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Introduction to Moving a Gas Meter

Moving a gas meter in your Leichhardt home may appear complex, but Leichhardt Plumbing’s experienced technicians are ready to provide guidance. As licenced gas fitters serving Sydney for over 10 years, we understand the necessary precautions and steps involved when relocating gas infrastructure.

You may want your meter moved during renovations, to improve safety or access, or when building a pool or granny flat. Relocating your gas meter typically incurs costs from your distributor and plumbing expenses for disconnection, capping, and reconnection.

This article will clearly outline everything you’ll need to know to move your meter, from start to finish. With the right information and licenced professionals like those at Leichhardt Plumbing, your gas meter relocation process can go smoothly.

Our commitment is to simplify your gas meter relocation while ensuring full regulatory compliance.Contact us today if you need any help getting your gas metre shifted!

When You Should Consider Moving Your Gas Meter

There are plenty of typical scenarios where your meter needs repositioning in Leichhardt:

  • Renovations or extensions - If you need move your meter amidst significant construction work on your dwelling, relocation may be necessary to incorporate modifications or maintain ongoing safe access.
  • Pool installations - Gas meters need to be located a regulated distance from swimming pools for safety, which may require their relocation.
  • Accessibility issues - If the current metre location makes access difficult due to fences, walls, foliage growth or other obstructions, relocating it can help.
  • Safety upgrades - Upgrading old, damaged gas infrastructure will often involve moving metres to meet modern compliance standards.
  • Resale needs - Sometimes, shifting the gas metre to a position near the front door can amplify the sales appeal of your current home.

As licenced gas fitters, Leichhardt Plumbing can manage your entire relocate gas process. We’ll manage the relocation in collaboration with your builder and network operator, ensuring compliance every step of the way, from disconnection to reconnection. For secure, hassle-free gas service pipe transitions in Leichhardt, touch base with our team today.

Safety Precautions and Regulations for Moving a Gas Meter

When relocating an electricity meter in Leichhardt, prioritising safety is paramount. Licenced professionals get work done on all gas infrastructure to comply with strict regulations, and ensure your energy supplier recognises the works.

According to Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601, any person carrying out work on your natural gas meter installations must hold a gas fitter licence approved by the NSW Government. This ensures that professionals such as gas engineers perform their duties with expertise, adhering strictly to safety protocols.

There are significant risks with DIY attempts at moving gas pipe metre relocations. Evade the temptation of tackling a gas meter gas service transition solo without the prerequisite competencies and permissions. Disturbing gas pipes can cause dangerous leaks or explosions if procedures aren’t followed correctly.

When we move your Leichhardt gas metre, protecting you is our main focus.

Our certified team will disconnect your service, move the meter and its framework to the new location, re-establish connections following regulations, and conduct pressure testing, all in accordance with industry standards and local supplier requirements.

We also make sure to manage your request, including handling all the necessary paperwork and approvals related to your electricity gas services through your distributor before work begins. With 10+ years serving Sydney, including multinet gas regions, no other plumbers take having your meter installed and meter gas service safety as seriously as Leichhardt Plumbing. Please contact us today for worry-free gas metre moves in Leichhardt and surrounding suburbs.

Step-by-Step Process for Moving a Gas Meter

The process of moving gas meter involves careful planning and coordination to ensure it is smooth, safe and compliant. Here is an overview of the typical steps involved when moving gas meters in Leichhardt:

  1. Contact Leichhardt Plumbing, your gas supplier, to arrange your relocation - Our licensed gas fitters, in conjunction with your supplier, will manage the relocation process for you.
  2. Submit your application to the distributor - Our team will orchestrate the essential paperwork and inform your gas entity about the intended new meter box location and the impetus for the shift.
  3. Await approval - You might need to find out how long standard relocation requests take to get approved once submitted, typically ranging from 5-10 business days.
  4. Prepare new metre position - While awaiting approval, we will prepare the new meter location, ensuring full compliance with standards.
  5. Isolate and safely turn your gas off - On the day of the relocation, the first step is to safely turn off your gas supply at the meter.
  6. Disconnect gas infrastructure - Your old meter, gas pipes, and appliances are all disconnected ready for capping and relocation, a service you’ll need to schedule with a professional.
  7. Relocate equipment - The metre unit and associated gas infrastructure are shifted to the new approved position.
  8. Reconnect gas supply - Our licensed gas fitters will reconnect all pipes and appliances according to the regulations.
  9. Pressure test - We thoroughly pressure test the new gas system to check for leaks and ensure safety.
  10. Restore supply and confirm function - With testing complete, we turn your gas supply back on. We will also test your gas appliances to confirm they’re correctly connected and operating efficiently.

While this outlines the standard process, extra steps can be required in unique situations. With over 10 years’ gas fitting experience in Leichhardt, our team can expertly handle any complexities to make your gas metre relocation smooth and compliant.

For additional details or to start planning your gas meter relocation, contact Leichhardt Plumbing on 1300 349 338.

Who to Contact for Help Moving a Gas Meter

Should you require professional expertise to move gas meter in Leichhardt, it’s crucial to engage licensed teams such as Leichhardt Plumbing. As experienced gas fitters, we can ensure I get my gas meter moved and manage your entire relocation process safely and compliantly.

Our gas professionals will oversee the entire repositioning sequence, from initial planning and documentation to the safe transfer and reconnection of infrastructure. We communicate with your gas retailer and other relevant entities to certify unwavering compliance with industry protocols and rules.

With over 10 years delivering gas electric services to Sydney suburbs, enter your details and Leichhardt Plumbing has the expertise and can-do attitude to make your transition stress-free. Contact us on 1300 349 338 or at [email protected], and our friendly team can guide you on how to get your relocation underway.

For safe and legal transitions, always ensure your attention turns to working with qualified tradespeople, which I can confidently vouch for. Attempting to move gas infrastructure yourself risks dangerous leaks, fines, supply disruption and more if processes aren’t followed correctly. As licenced gas fitters, we follow stringent procedures to protect your hot water system through every step.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re asking yourself, 'how do I go about a meter relocation?' with any queries. We’re happy to discuss your plans, provide quotes and give me a call for outstanding service, as we’re the region’s most trusted gas specialists at Leichhardt Plumbing.

Costs and Budgeting for a Gas Meter Move

Moving a gas metre in Leichhardt involves costs beyond just our plumbing service charges. Your gas distributor will also apply fees for administration, new connections, site visits and the physical relocation work they conduct. Let’s break down what’s involved:

Distributor costs

Your gas electricity distributor (the gas company that owns the infrastructure) will charge the following:

  • Application fee - covers initial paperwork processing and approvals required
  • Site visit charge - For their technician to assess the proposed new meter point on your property
  • Disconnection fees - for safely capping off old gas pipes and infrastructure
  • Reconnection fees - for re-establishing supply lines at your new metre position
  • Gas meter moved relocation - their labour time and equipment costs to shift your physical metre unit

These fees are typically consistent, yet some may take up different rates across the major gas distributors in Sydney. Anticipate fees that are more substantial than mere collective sums to less than $450 - $850 subject to variables such as the proximity of the move.

Plumber charges

On top of your distributor’s costs, getting the meter moved safely and properly requires specialist gas fitters like Leichhardt Plumbing to handle the physical pipe disconnections, relocations and reconnections. Our charges also need to include:

  • Travel fees - getting our technicians and gear to your Leichhardt property
  • Labour - for safely completing all select service work like capping gas lines
  • Materials - new pipes/parts required to extend or reconnect gas supply
  • Commissioning - testing everything is reconnected properly with no leaks

Even for extensive operations, the total cost of moving a gas meter typically ranges from $750 to $1,500. We provide easy-to-understand itemised quotes upfront for expenses, so you can find out exactly what to budget for if you decide to move your meter.

For a comprehensive cost move gas meter outline, get in touch with our Leichhardt Plumbing group. It’s free to call us on 1300 349 338 or email [email protected] and discuss your relocation plans.

What to Do After Your Gas Meter is Moved

Once you move your gas metre relocation is complete, there are still a few important steps to take:

  1. You’ll need contact your gas fitting team to conduct a thorough safety and compliance inspection of all new gas connections and infrastructure.
  2. Check that all your appliances now supplied from the new metre position are fully functional and operating safely.
  3. Contact your local supplier to update your smart meter location specifics such as serial numbers. This ensures billing and supply continuity to your electricity gas meter and property.
  4. Update your details with any third parties affected by the relocation, such as solar or electrical companies if the meter was connected to a smart home system.
  5. Finally, we’ll restore any affected surfaces, structures, or landscaping post-approval, ensuring your property is left in pristine condition.

The licenced team at Leichhardt Plumbing can help you with the entire process moving your meter, ticking off all requirements for safely resuming gas supply through your new infrastructure. If you need any assistance confirming compliance or getting gas usage restored in your home after a metre relocation, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call 1300 349 338.

Our friendly staff are ready to ensure you can find out the best way to assist you!

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