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What is Pipe Relining and How Does it Work?

Trenchless pipe relining rehabilitates damaged sewer pipes by inserting a resin-coated liner, reconditioning the pipeline without excavation.

We begin with a comprehensive inspection using CCTV cameras to identify damaged areas. We then custom-fit a liner impregnated with epoxy resin to the affected pipes. A standout method, inversion pipe relining, requires specialised equipment to insert and firmly adhere the liner inside the pipe, ensuring a secure, seamless fit.

During the relining process, the liner is set and hardened, after which it restores the water system’s strength, comparable to that of new pipes.

Trenchless pipe relining is often completed within a day or two, minimising property disruption by avoiding excavation and demolition unlike traditional drain replacement.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining for Homeowners

Compared to conventional approaches, sewer pipe repair via pipe relining provides homeowners with several compelling benefits:

Cost Savings

Pipe relining can be more cost-effective than excavation and replacement. It eliminates demolition and landscaping expenses, and requires minimal indoor repairs. Additionally, relined pipes are less prone to future leaks or failures, saving on emergency repair costs.

Minimal Disruption

Using cutting-edge trenchless technology, drain relining is done with scant disturbance to your plumbing system, typically in 1-2 days, without the need for trench digging or floor jackhammering, ensuring a clean sewer drain and significantly less stress.

Enhanced Property Value

Pipe relining suited to your property ensures the maintenance of aesthetic appeal and value without damaging landscaping or interiors. It removes the eyesore of excavated trenches and allows you to modernise plumbing infrastructure without impacting desirable features.

Long-Lasting Solution

Pipe relining employs durable materials such as high-density polyethylene and epoxy resins, contributing to a lifespan that extends beyond 50-100 years. This renovation, achieved through pipe relining, can exceed the life expectancy of traditional piping, taking care of all things related to durability, offering homeowners peace of mind from imminent replacements. Relined pipes can also boast a smooth surface, resisting any buildup and maintaining efficient water flow.

Pipe Relining Improves Plumbing System Integrity

Pipe relining enhances both the structural integrity and longevity of existing pipes through several critical methods:

Stronger Than New Pipes

Pipe relining revitalises sewer lines by integrating a resin-impregnated liner with existing pipes, creating a new, seamless structure within the old pipe. Even old pipes benefit, as polyethylene and epoxy resins used in relining are extremely durable materials.

Resists Cracks and Leaks

Sewer relining uses high-pressure jets to seal imperfections, thus restoring the storm water system’s original piping to optimal flow and pressure. The smooth inner liner also enhances your hot water system by resisting scale buildup and tree roots corrosion down the track.

Withstands Root Intrusion

Unlike traditional methods that can cause disruptions, the seamless construction of a relined pipe offers excellent resistance to tree root intrusion, preventing a blocked drain. Roots cannot penetrate the sturdy resin, helping to protect your drains from plumbing issues that could otherwise arise, as well as thwarting blockages.

Longer Lasting Solution

The long-term viability of pipe relining cements its status as a durable solution, enhancing its appeal for your plumbing. This showcases pipe relining as a longlasting alternative to the typical 30-90 year lifespan of PVC pipe and other common pipes before they require replacement.

Minimal Disruption to Property

A major edge of then pipe relining vs replacement is the nominal disruption it causes to your living space. There is no dig requirement to jackhammer floors, engage in digging up large trenches in gardens and lawns, or cause major mess and damage inside the home.

For functional pipe restoration, Our skilled teams perform precise repairs through small access points, restoring your pipes’ integrity. For instance, addressing any pipe problems your pipes might have, Relining materials can be inserted without excavation through existing cleanouts or vent stacks. Alternatively, we make neat access holes of just 10-15cm in diameter through walls, floors or ceilings.

The resin-impregnated liner gets pulled into place, leaving Homeowners may wonder about the process’s contribution to reinforcing the pipe network from unobtrusive access points. Once cured, we neatly patch access holes to leave no visible traces. Aside from removing toilets or cabinetry to access drains, your property is left entirely undamaged.

Your property remains clean and habitable throughout the brief relining process, which typically lasts 1-2 days. This can be a major advantage over open trench methods that create significant mess and disruption across interior living spaces or exterior gardens.

Pipe Relining Can Increase Property Value

Professional pipe relining is often regarded positively in terms of property resale value. By taking a proactive approach to maintain and modernise plumbing systems, homeowners show future buyers they have invested wisely.

Despite its initial cost, homeowners often consider pipe relining a worthwhile investment for its essential preventative benefits. This removes uncertainty about potentially expensive underlying issues.

Water damage from leaky or corroded pipes is a major concern for buyers; pipe relining addresses this issue and averts future complications such as blocked drains or flooding that may dissuade buyers.

Pipe relining offers a tidy solution with no mess, by preventing major demolition and preserving landscaping. The seamless, jointless liner technology represents a significant improvement over traditional pipe repair, offering value without visible intervention.

Certified pipe relining adds measurable value beyond the upfront costs, granting homeowners peace of mind. It represents modern infrastructure and peace of mind that plumbing systems will perform reliably for decades. Listing a full professional pipe relining job signals proactive maintenance for improved liveability and investment.

Considerations When Selling a Home with Relined Pipes

If you are selling a home that has had its pipes relined, there are a few key considerations for prospective buyers and inspectors:


Be upfront about any pipe relining work that has been completed. Provide copies of invoices, warranties, or other documentation. This demonstrates you have proactively maintained plumbing systems.


Inspectors recognise pipe relining as a legitimate modernisation technique. Well-installed liners that meet industry standards should pass inspections and not raise concerns.

Reassuring Buyers

Highlight to buyers how relined pipes represent newer infrastructure without the mess of traditional replacement. Emphasise the 50-100 year lifespan and how it solves pipe issues proactively.


It’s crucial to discern how much does pipe work certification affect the quality of the relining work. Accredited relining companies provide guarantees that give buyers confidence in the quality of workmanship.

Being transparent about pipe relining elevates trust in the sale process. It signals investment in lasting solutions for improved plumbing integrity and reduced maintenance costs.

Properly Disclosing Pipe Relining to Potential Buyers

Disclosing pipe relining work that has been done on a property is crucial when selling it. Being transparent builds trust and shows you have invested in modernising the home’s plumbing infrastructure.

Details to share with buyers include:

  • The scope of the relining project eg. kitchen, bathroom and laundry waste pipes
  • Warranties, guarantees or certificates provided by the relining company
  • Industry accreditations held by technicians who carried out the work
  • Pipe materials and resin used
  • Expected lifespan of the relined pipes (50-100 years)

Providing this information upfront gives buyers confidence that essential preventative work has been completed to high standards. It reassures them modern systems are in place to reduce long-term maintenance costs and risks of leaks or failures leading to water damage.

A certified pipe relining job indicates forward-thinking improvements that enhance durability. Disclosing details openly allows buyers to inspect and validate the quality craftsmanship themselves.

What Real Estate Agents Should Know

Real estate agents on the North Shore should comprehend the added value pipe relining brings to the properties they sell. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Long-Lasting Infrastructure Upgrade

Professionally relined pipes offer an updated infrastructure, assured to last 50-100 years, granting homeowners peace of mind. This solves pipe issues preemptively and reduces the likelihood of leaks, flooding or other problems down the track - valuable peace of mind for buyers.

Enhances Property Value

Surveys show water damage is a top concern for home buyers. Proactive pipe relining assures buyers that necessary preventive measures have been conducted to a high standard.

Preserves Curb Appeal

The non-invasive trenchless method offers a clean solution for drain sewer concerns, with mess no longer an issue while preserving landscaping and aesthetics. There is no need to dig trenches or damage floors and walls, allowing sellers to upgrade plumbing without impacting desirable property features.

Trust and Transparency

As the agent, encourage transparency from the seller about the details of any relining work done, such as scope, warranties and certifications. This builds trust and shows investment in solutions for improved durability and reduced maintenance costs.

In summary, When it comes to plumbing maintenance in Sydney, a professional pipe relining Sydney job signals a proactive stance for enduring performance. It’s a great selling point that shows care for the property and consideration of buyers’ needs for modern, problem-free plumbing.

Choosing a Professional Pipe Relining Service

When it comes to pipe relining, it’s important to choose an experienced, professional service from reliable pipe relining companies you can trust. Here are some tips for selecting a qualified pipe relining specialist for your sewer pipes:

Verify Licencing and Certifications

Ensure that your plumber from a professional pipe relining company is licenced, accredited, and certified to perform this type of work. They should have trained technicians certified in the specific relining process they use.

Ask About Their Experience

Opt for a service that specialises in pipe relining with a track record of successful pipe repair projects. Ask how long they’ve been in business and request local references from past customers.

Get a Detailed Inspection First

A trustworthy firm conducts meticulous inspections of broken pipe scenarios to assess if pipe relining is the fitting remedy, utilising video cameras and crawlers. This diagnostic process is crucial to determine if relining is the right solution and develop an accurate pipe relining quote.

Compare Materials and Warranties

Inquire with pipe relining companies about the types of pipe lining materials used and ensure to get warranties in writing. The warranty should cover both labour and materials for at least 5 years.

Trust Your Instincts

Get quotes from multiple pipe relining providers in your area. Carefully compare based on experience, reputation, materials, warranties and overall professionalism. Go with the company you feel most confident in.

Taking the time to choose the right provider helps ensure your pipe relining project goes smoothly and delivers long-lasting results.

Estimated Costs and Factors Affecting Pipe Relining Prices

Many homeowners seek clarity on the costs involved in pipe relining. The cost often fluctuates, but commonly, pipe relining expenses measure out to be $80 - $250 per metre.

Some key factors that influence the overall price include:

  • Type and size pipe being relined
  • How many pipes requiring relining along with total length/number
  • Accessibility to pipes
  • Pipe condition and amount of damage
  • Choice of relining material

Simple straight pipes in good condition can be the most affordable to reline, while severely damaged or convoluted pipes may cost more due to increased materials and labour.

Pipe relining costs are highly effective in comparison to full pipe replacement. By preserving existing pipe infrastructure, you avoid expenses like jackhammering, landscaping repairs, drywall repairs and major demolition.

In most instances, cost your pipe relining may incur is far less, prompting homeowners to inquire how much traditional pipe replacement would expense in comparison. And considering the overall cost, because relined pipes last 50+ years, you avoid future maintenance or replacement costs as well.

For authoritative advice and a personalised assessment of pipe relining costs for your project, please call us for an obligation-free quote. We will inspect the full extent of damage using CCTV drain cameras and provide accurate pricing with no hidden fees.

With more than 10 years of experience in relining Sydney’s Leichhardt and Northern Beaches area, we provide proven solutions to restore your plumbing.

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