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Newest Hot Water System Technology Australia 2023
Newest Hot Water System Technology in Australia 2023

Looking for the latest, most efficient hot water system tech for your home in 2023? We break down all the newest solar, heat pump, gas, electric and smart hot water innovations so you can make the right choice. Contact us to find and install the best system for your home and budget.

Fix Water Heater Problems
How to Fix Water Heater Problems

Hot water heater not working? Common problems include leaks, no hot water, rusty water, popping noises and faulty heating elements. Try troubleshooting yourself or call a plumber. Repairs often involve checking valves, anodes, sediment buildup, thermostats, wiring and water pressure.

Hot Water Running? Follow Checklist
Hot Water Not Running? Follow This Checklist

If you have no hot water, first check fuses, thermostat, reset high-temp cutoff switch. Also maintain your water heater, check for clogs. Finally, call a plumber if needed to get your hot water running again quickly.

Consequences Neglecting Blocked Drains
Consequences of Neglecting Blocked Drains

Neglecting a blocked drain leads to unpleasant odors, flooding, property damage, health hazards, and pest infestations. Call Leichhardt Plumbing now to avoid the harmful effects of blocked drains.

7 Ways Fix Water Hammers Hot Water Systems
7 Ways to Fix Water Hammers in Hot Water Systems

Loud banging noises coming from your hot water system pipes indicate water hammers that can damage plumbing. Try DIY fixes like installing water hammer arrestors, securing loose pipes or adjusting water pressure. For a guaranteed solution, contact a licensed plumber to inspect and repair your system.

7 Simple Tips Prevent Blocked Sink Drains
7 Simple Tips to Prevent Blocked Sink Drains

Preventing blocked sink drains is easy when you follow simple tips. Use drain strainers to catch debris, avoid pouring grease down drains, and flush pipes regularly with boiling water. Contact a professional plumber if drains become blocked.

Restaurants & Cafes Unblock Drains?
How Do Restaurants & Cafes Unblock Their Drains?

Restaurants and cafes often deal with blocked drains due to build up of fats, oils and food debris. Regular maintenance and effective drain treatments prevent blockages and keep your kitchen plumbing running smoothly. Contact us today for professional drain services. - 200 chars

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