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Selecting the right hot water system size for your household is crucial. Choosing a hot water system that’s too large can be as costly as one that’s too small, which may not meet your household’s needs.

An undersized system may fail to meet peak demands, resulting in instances where hot water runs out. To determine the correct system capacity, consider household size, bathroom count, fixture flow rates, usage habits, and electricity rates for electric heaters.

Calculating Your Hot Water Demand

Start by calculating your daily hot water usage to gauge the system size you’ll need. Consider these factors to assess the hot water system size needed for peak demand:

  • Household size - Each individual in your household will impact water usage patterns.
  • Number of bathrooms and appliances like a washing machine - More bathrooms and appliances that use a lot of water increase the demand and required flow rate.
  • Type of hot water fixtures - Updating to new water-efficient fixtures at hot water outlets such as shower heads and taps can significantly reduce water usage.
  • Bathing habits - Consider if your family takes long or multiple showers and how this affects your hot water use. Coordinate activities that require hot water to optimise heater size needs.

Also, consider the first hour rating and set water temperature during peak times when hot water usage spikes, typically mornings and evenings. Sum your daily and peak hour usage to help determine the right hot water system size you need.

Key Factors To Consider

Assess operating costs and efficiency, especially between electric-gas and electric-only models, when choosing your system size.

  • Various hot water systems are available, including electric storage units or instantaneous models. Storage gas hot water units can also use an off-peak tariff for lower energy bills. Instant types heat water on demand so no standby losses occur.
  • Opt for a hot water system with a high star energy rating for budget-friendly efficiency, with 5-star rated heaters being notably cost-effective.
  • Solar water systems utilise the sun’s renewable energy, but heat pump hot water systems require a booster for consistent backup. Solar heat pump hot water systems extract warmth from the air to heat water and are over 200% efficient.

Leichhardt Plumbing offers personalised advice to ensure the hot water system you choose meets your requirements, focusing on usage, energy preferences, and efficiency needs.

Types of Hot Water Systems

Storage Hot Water Systems

Storage hot water systems for your home consist of a tank that heats and stores water, typically ranging from 50-400 litres. suitable for households of 2 to 5 members and available in electric, gas, or solar models. Hot water systems can use cheap off-peak power for improved efficient hot water production, making them some of the best hot water system options. However, they can lose some heat during standby and require space for the tank.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Tankless water systems provide hot water on demand without needing a storage tank. Gas-fired units offer high flow rates, exceeding 12 litres per minute.

They pump water as it flows through a compact unit. Tankless systems are ideal for homes with 1-2 residents.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems use thermal panels to harvest heat from sunlight, significantly reducing energy costs and emissions. Solar collectors on the roof feed a demand hot water well-insulated storage tank, with a gas or electric booster backup for cloudy days. Solar hot water works well for many households, which can range from 2-6 persons, but requires adequate roof space for collector panels.

Heat Pump

Air source heat pump hot water units efficiently utilise ambient air warmth to heat water. Heat pump systems are best for households with 1-4 people in warm climates, emitting no greenhouse gases.

Choosing the Right Size

When choosing an appropriate hot water system size, match your selection to the general guide based on the number of household occupants:

  • 1-2 people - 50 to 80 litre storage hot water system or a continuous flow hot water unit at 16 to 20 litres per minute
  • 3-4 people – 125 to 160 litre storage tank or 20 litre per minute instantaneous
  • 5+ people – 250+ litre storage tank

Consider your daily and peak hour usage to ensure efficient demand management by your hot water system. A solar or heat pump system can meet the needs of a 4-person household, while reducing energy bills by 60% or more. Government rebates are also available for renewable hot water system installations.

Leichhardt Plumbing can tailor sized hot water system selections to address your needs, considering your home’s size, daily usage, and budgetary requirements. We adhere to plumbing standards to ensure your system is accurately sized and installed for best performance.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Proper sizing of an electric hot water system is crucial for peak performance and efficiency. Leichhardt Plumbing’s expertise lies in tailoring each electric hot water system need to your home’s unique requirements.

Our skilled and licensed technicians comply with all safety regulations during installation. We handle the entire process, including answering the pivotal question of including sizing calculations, supplying the system, coordinating tradespeople, conducting professional installation, and obtaining council approvals.

Maintenance Tips

  • Annually flush your hot water heater to prevent sediment buildup, a crucial step in maintenance.
  • Check your water heater, valves, pipes, and connections for leaks on an annual basis
  • Clean solar collector panels every 6 months
  • Replace anodes in electric hot storage tanks every 4-5 years
  • Service gas storage hot water heaters every 3 years for safety

Choosing the right maintenance strategy that’s the right size for your needs is vital to keeping your hot water system functioning efficiently. Leichhardt Plumbing offers reliable hot water servicing and repairs when problems arise.

Choosing the right water system for your home and having it professionally installed and maintained ensures your home enjoys endless hot water for years to come. Contact our team today for custom advice selecting your new hot water system.

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