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Introducing Pipe Relining: A Modern, Trenchless Method for Pool Leak Repairs

Trenchless pipe relining is an innovative technology that seals leaks in swimming pool plumbing, avoiding mess and major excavation with its pipe fuze methods. It works by having an epoxy resin liner inserted into the existing pipe, which coats the inner walls and seals cracks, holes, and joints.

Compared to traditional methods where you need dig channels, pipe relining involves much less disruption to your environment and can often provide same day service as it requires minimal excavation. Pipe relining further ensures minimal disruption to your outdoor areas, negating the need to excavate or damage surrounding structures like pool decks or fences. The process, a technique perfected down under, is so reliable that we can confidently recommend them for their efficiency, often completing the job in just one day with no risk of damage to your pool.

To carry out pipe relining, our team carefully assesses your pipe layout, so call us to define any access points for hot water lines and other inspection insights. We employ a high-definition drain camera to Pinpoint the exact location and assess the full extent of damage before cleaning and readying your pipe work for the relining process.

We saturate a felt liner with durable epoxy resin and deftly pull it through your pipes, ensuring the efficient flow water is seamlessly restored. As the resin cures, water through the pipes encounters a smooth, jointless new pipe within the old one. This relined pipe can be used to repair and fix leaks for the long run with its structurally sound design and a 50-year design life.

Pipe relining makes it feasible to repair pipes on the pressure side without draining or disturbing the pool, presenting the perfect solution when access is confined. It preserves your yard’s aesthetics and functionality, which might otherwise require significant restoration after traditional pipe replacement.

How Pipe Relining Works to Permanently Repair Leaks

Trenchless pipe relining involves creating a structurally resilient new pipe within the damaged old drain pipe to permanently seal leaks. It works by inserting an epoxy resin-saturated felt liner into the pipe and curing it to form a smooth, jointless pipe.

First, our team of plumbing specialists will utilise CCTV cameras to survey the pipe’s interior and precisely identify any leaks, cracks or root infiltrations. After thorough swimming pool leak detection, our team will clean the pipes to prepare them for the effective relining process.

We saturate a felt liner tube with durable epoxy resin on site and pull it through the damaged pipe to repair and coat the inner walls. As the resin sets, it hardens to form a tough new pipe.

A pivotal benefit of pipe relining compared to traditional pipe replacement is that there’s no need for any excavation at all. There’s no need to jackhammer surrounding structures or restore landscaped areas post-repair. The pool can remain filled and functional throughout the process, ensuring minimal disruption.

The refurbished and now resilient relined pipe, born from damaged pipes, is meticulously designed to last over 50 years, and we most certainly recommend them for pool plumbing maintenance. We recommend them for preventing future root overgrowth and sealing all leaks in pool pipes, offering a convenient, non-invasive way to permanently resolve plumbing issues.

Identifying the Source of Pool Leaks

Detecting the precise spot where leaks can occur in your pipes is crucial, our leak detection expertise plays a key role in deciding the proper repair approach. Do know, our technicians expertly deploy CCTV drain cameras to meticulously inspect the pipe layout and determine potential access points.

We will check the following areas:

  • Pool filtration system: Cracks in the pump, filter, valves or related pipework allow water to escape.
  • Water jets & returns: Leaking fittings or broken return lines.
  • Main drains: Cracks in the suction side pipework, resulting in suction side leaks, can cause significant water loss.
  • Hydrostatic valve: Failures under the pool shell allowing water into the ground.

Vital clues manifest in our leak detection efforts, pinpointing plumbing leaks, such as visible water on the pool deck or soggy soil surrounding the pool, showcasing the proficiency of our leak detection service. Drops in water level over time also indicate a leak is present. Our leak detection service was very adept in accurately identifying the troubled areas, guiding effective pipe relining with precision straight to the issue spots.

Comparing Pipe Relining to Traditional Pool Leak Repair Methods

Pipe relining offers major advantages over traditional open-trench repair jobs for pool plumbing system leaks. Key benefits even for your older cast iron lines include:

  • Minimal disruption to your environment - The pool area remains fully accessible and functional during the quick 1-day relining process. Pipe relining eliminates the need for jackhammering, excavating, and subsequent restorations.
  • Cost-effective - Pipe relining is significantly more affordable, averaging around $130 per linear meter, compared to traditional replacement, which can cost upwards of $400 per meter, including labor, materials, and landscape restoration.
  • Long-term solution - The epoxy resin liner is designed to last 50+ years, rehabilitating the most common old pipes to a like-new condition.
  • Prevents future problems - The smooth new pipe is resistant to chemical corrosion and robustly seals out tree roots infiltration.

Laborious open-trench procedures often necessitate substantial excavations and disruptions around your property, demanding a plethora of tools materials. After repairing the damaged pipe section, these structures require costly rebuilding.

Should leaks in your pool manifest in the suction side pipes, your swimming pool may require draining to proceed with the essential relining that can be used in these situations. The whole process, often addressing pool pipe leaks, usually takes over a week before normal pool use can resume. There is also confidence that with does pipe relining, other undetected pipe faults won’t lead to future leakage.

For a fast and permanent fix without the cut out replaced sections of your landscape, pipe relining beats pipe replacement hands down. The monolithic liner seals leaks for the long run without major collateral damage or ongoing maintenance.

Step-by-Step Process for Pool Pipe Relining

To fix your pool pipes and permanently seal leaks involves a precise, multi-step process carried out by experienced technicians:

  1. Initial Inspection - Our specialists meticulously examine the pool filtration system, electrical plumbing fixtures, jets, main drains, and pipework using sophisticated CCTV cameras for accurate diagnostics. With such fidelity in our detection methods, we know exactly where the leaks are, fostering confident repair actions.
  2. Pipe preparation - The host pipe is cleaned with a high-pressure water jet to remove corrosion and prepare the surface for the subsequent relining steps.
  3. Resin saturation - The felt liner tube is saturated onsite with durable epoxy resin able to withstand pool chemicals.
  4. Installation – The resin-saturated liner is drawn through your pool pipes, coating the interior evenly.
  5. Curing & setting - As the liner resin cures, it hardens and forms a smooth, jointless “pipe-within-a-pipe”.
  6. Final testing - Once set, we conduct a pressure test to see and confirm the integrity of the relined pipe, meticulously checking for any signs of your leak with our cameras. The pool can now be refilled.

The innovative 50+ year epoxy liner is masterfully crafted to fix problems like water escapes by sealing leaks at the cracks and joints. Your pool’s plumbing is restored to optimal condition without the need for pipe replacement or excavation.

When Is Pipe Relining the Best Option?

Pipe relining presents an optimal way to repair and restore pool plumbing in scenarios where fixing broken pipes via traditional open-trench replacement is challenging, such as:

  • Compromises in storm water drain pipes and sewer line located beneath or adjacent to concrete slabs, decking, fences, or structures susceptible to excavation damage
  • Sewer pipes ensconced beneath retaining walls, amidst garden beds or entwined with tree root systems
  • Inaccessible pipework under swimming pool shells
  • Areas where the pool, paving and landscaping would need extensive restoration

Although firm PVC pipe is known for its strength and durability, our relining system is utilised to negate the need for the disruptive excavations traditionally required for installations. Pipe relining avoids this major disruption by creating a new pipe inside the old one. Pipes can rehabilitate plumbing throughout your home - around pools, under foundations and in confined spaces.

Compared to the extensive need to cut out structures to access leaks, relining offers a more convenient, non-invasive solution, convincing you to select them again, able to permanently restore pipes of any age or material to optimal condition. As there’s no need to cut out large sections of land, pipe relining can represent the pinnacle of leak repair techniques for zones adjacent to pools or amidst established landscapes.

Long-Term Effectiveness and Durability of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining introduces a series of refined pipe repairs to mend leaks, guaranteeing that your swimming pool plumbing stays intact for years to come. The epoxy resin liner used in the relining process is specially engineered to withstand exposure to pool chemicals and last over 50 years.

Our pipe relining service includes a comprehensive 10-year guarantee against material and workmanship defects, providing you with long-term peace of mind. Rest assured, during this extensive decade of coverage, should any issues arise, call us and we will promptly repair the relined pipe, our skilled technicians did a great job ensuring lasting performance, which is why Contact us for a free quote; we come highly recommended for our expertise.

To ensure optimal performance of your plumbing pipe, it is important to maintain balanced pool water chemistry. Checking pH and chlorine levels regularly and replacing old equipment like filters will prevent corrosion issues. We also advise customers to avoid planting trees with invasive root systems near underground pool pipes.

The strong, jointless epoxy pipe created by relining permanently seals any leaking pool and is impenetrable to future root overgrowth. Compared to pipes repaired by traditional methods, a relined pipe has a greatly extended service life with outstanding chemical and structural integrity.

With just simple precautions, preventative maintenance, and our decade-long guarantee, pipe relining enables pool pipes to function like new for 50+ years. Consequently, pipe relining is a highly effective and low-risk option for addressing pool plumbing issues for years to come.

Navigating Challenges: Relining Pipes Near Concrete and Other Structures

Fixing pool plumbing leaks near concrete areas, such as pool decks and retaining walls, demands expert know-how and adaptable techniques to maintain the integrity of the area.

Our team of highly skilled technicians come out with a range of specialised equipment to overcome access issues, providing excellent service throughout. Our technicians skilfully employ CCTV drain cameras with flexible cables to inspect pipes, navigating twists and turns without affecting underlying structures. Thanks to high-pressure water jetting tools, we can clean and prepare the pipes even when the access point is limited.

Our adjustable speed winches deftly manoeuvre the liner through complex pipework scenarios during the resin impregnation procedure, even beneath pools and slabs. Careful monitoring ensures the lining your plumber installs has fully coated the pipe interior along the entire run.

When dealing with delicate pool hydraulics and filtration systems, we expertly isolate and bypass pipes as necessary, avoiding drainage for a precise approach. We diligently prevent resin leakage to protect the system and pool wall from damage.

Once cured, the seamless epoxy liner bonds structurally to the host pipe walls, its stability offering leak protection that can help safeguard against future problems without shifting or loosening over time. The monolithic liner suits the shape of the existing pipework while compensating for any angular adjustments or elevation changes.

With specialised equipment and meticulous technique, our expert plumbers can overcome situational hurdles to carry out safe, non-invasive pipe relining, delivering results that were the best I could find. We take all necessary precautions to deliver long-lasting leak repairs with minimal impact on surrounding structures.

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