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Introduction to Hot Water System Installation Complexities

Installing new hot water systems can be hazardous, due to the involvement of electricity and gas. DIY attempts without the necessary skills may pose safety risks and long-term issues.

Choosing the right hot water system – be it electric, gas, or solar – demands research on efficiency, costs, warranties, and installation particulars.

Leichhardt Plumbing, as an expert in plumbing services, advises that a professional should undertake water heater installations to guarantee safety, performance, and durability, which could lead to significant long-term cost savings and dependable hot water supply.

Identifying When Professional Help is Necessary

There are several situations to consider when it’s critical to seek plumber services for hot water system installations rather than attempting to DIY:

  • If you need hot water heaters with new gas or electrical connections - Licenced plumbers and electricians are trained to safely handle gas lines, circuit breakers, and other hazardous systems in compliance with regulations.
  • When you install your hot water system - The process often involves draining tanks, dismantling pipework and removing your old units, which can be daunting to tackle as a heater yourself project. Professionals have the expertise to do this while avoiding water damage or contamination, which might not be the case when doing it on your own.
  • For installing water heaters with your new heater needs, especially solar systems - Ensure these complex units are managed with specialised knowledge to position, connect and integrate components like pumps, controllers and roof panels.
  • To meet local building codes and safety standards - Pipes of the wrong size, lack of safe tray installations or faulty pressure relief valves can be extremely hazardous.
  • When uncertain about the right system type or size - Companies like Leichhardt Plumbing can provide tailored advice based on your household, budget and efficiency needs.

Being gas-certified and licenced, our team at Leichhardt Plumbing handles all aspects from advisory to installation safely.Contact us at 1300 349 338 or [email protected] for assistance determining if your system requires the experts.

Types of Hot Water Systems

There are three main type hot water system options available on the market:

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems use a storage tank and offer continuous supply, requiring connection to a gas line and proper venting outside your home.

Gas water heaters, though less energy-efficient than electric heat pumps, often have lower running costs. However, for safety, a certified specialist should manage their installation.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric water heater units with a drain valve use heating elements to warm a water tank. There are standard electric and more efficient heat pump systems. Heat pumps extract additional power your hot water needs from ambient air, making them eco-friendlier.

An electrician is typically needed to integrate electric hot water systems into your home’s electrical infrastructure safely, and they usually have lower initial purchase costs compared to gas systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar systems harness the sun’s thermal energy to supply hot water, using roof tanks or ground units with solar collectors, complemented by electrical or gas boosters for insufficient sunlight.

Understanding Local Building Codes and Permit Requirements

It’s crucial to comply with local council regulations and building codes when installing or replacing hot water systems to ensure safety and regulatory adherence.

  • Obtaining the necessary plumbing permits is a crucial detail to keep in mind before working with your own water system
  • Ensuring that a licenced professional can install your system properly
  • Meeting mandated efficiency standards and ensuring your heater do size appropriately to fulfil warranty periods for new systems
  • Properly sizing and situating units when introducing a new tank into your hot water systems
  • Using approved materials and following zoning protocols
  • Advise on the right system to meet your needs based on efficiency targets
  • Obtain council permits and manage all compliance documentation for your hot water heater
  • Ensure your household’s hot water needs are adequately met
  • Provide certified installation meeting Australian Standards

We take care of all regulatory aspects so your new system is safe, legal and optimised for your home. Contact our team at 1300 349 338 with any questions about permits, regulations or our installation process.

Ensuring Proper Installation for Safety and Warranty

As licenced professionals, Leichhardt Plumbing’s technicians take specific steps during hot water system installations to ensure safety and maintain manufacturer warranties:

  • Use of protective gear by a licensed plumber ensures the safety of your house during the installation process - Our plumbers wear helmets, gloves, protective eyewear and other equipment to prevent workplace accidents when handling hazardous materials.
  • Testing connections for leaks - We thoroughly turn off and check all newly installed gas and water supply lines for leaks using pressure gauges, soapy water, and gas detectors as needed.
  • Verifying electrical safety for water heater replacement - Our electricians double check electrical connections and set up a correct drain pan to confirm adequate circuit capacity and safe integration with your home’s circuit breaker panel.
  • Installing safety devices like tp valves and pressure relief valves, alongside drain pans and other fixtures, are added to ensure overflow prevention and mitigate water damage risks.
  • Meeting warranty requirements - Manufacturer warranty terms related to sizing, materials, connectors, and off water processes for professional installation are strictly followed.
  • Providing certification paperwork - Our technicians complete all compliance documents regarding council approvals, Australian Standards and provide homeowners with copies.

Maintaining Your System for Longevity

For optimal performance and extended life of your hot water system, proper maintenance is necessary. Leichhardt Plumbing suggests annual inspections and servicing by a licensed professional.

During maintenance checks, our technicians will inspect the hot water faucet and more:

  • Inspect all gas and water connections for leaks
  • Check that safety valves are maintaining the correct pressure and ensure that hot cold water in drain pans is functioning correctly
  • Test and ensure there’s enough hot cold water pressure and adjust the supply as needed
  • Clear mineral deposits and sediment from inside your tank
  • Verify electrical components and connections are working safely

Annual flushing of your water heater is advisable to maintain quality, and our technicians can guide you on specific maintenance for tankless systems during service visits.

Preventative maintenance helps optimise efficiency so you enjoy instant water heating on demand and more reliable delivery with lower energy bills. It also extends the operating life of units, saving thousands in replacement costs. Systems tend to last over a decade when properly maintained.

Contact our team at 1300 349 338 to learn about Leichhardt Plumbing’s annual maintenance plans or to schedule your next hot water system service.

Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Replacement

There are several clear indicators that your hot water system requires replacing:

  • Inconsistent water temperature - If you experience fluctuating hot water that quickly turns lukewarm, your unit likely has failing heating elements.
  • Discoloured water - Rusty, brownish water points to internal corrosion and sediment buildup in your old water heater, indicating it might be time to replace your unit.
  • Frequent shutdowns - Units that abruptly stop working even after resetting often have electrical shorts, which necessitate experienced tradespeople to repair your system.
  • Visible leaks - Weeping from the tank’s exterior seals or connections mandates hot water replacement to prevent catastrophic failure.
  • Age over 10 years - Most systems last more than a decade before efficiency declines and problems emerge. Proactively replacing yours avoids issues.

If your hot water system produces rumbling noises or causes high energy bills, contact us at 1300 349 338 for assessment. We offer professional installations of quality brands with long warranties.

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